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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Maryland Powerlifting Report 1/15/09

Matt and Sioux-z Gary announces the opening of their new training facility:

Supreme Sports Performance and Training, Inc. (SSPT) serves Washington, D.C. and suburban Maryland athletes by providing the best strength and conditioning environment in the area. The facility is founded on the belief that athletes and dedicated trainees want a training environment that cultivates enhanced performance and fosters success. Training results are more easily obtained in an environment with the best training tools, free of distractions that might spoil a competitive and winning atmosphere.

At SSPT we provide the best training environment for serious trainees. We believe that traditional approaches to physical achievement are often based on current industry trends and past methods that have been proven ineffective. Accordingly, we employ methods based on time-tested ideas, proven scientific principles and new research, as well as our own experiences. Our facility emphasizes only the necessary training implements without nonessential items that waste an athlete’s time and interfere with progress.

An individual will work harder and risk more in the company of knowledgeable and trustworthy peers. In addition to providing the best training tools, we’re also home to the best and most knowledgeable strength coaches in the area. SSPT creates a culture and a physical surrounding within which athletes can achieve desired results most efficiently. Overall performance increases and injuries will decrease due to the quality of the training environment. Personal gains, such as improved performance and well-being, combined with measurable benefits, will create tremendous advantages for both the trainee and coach.

SSPT is owned and operated by Matthew Gary and Suzanne Hartwig-Gary. For additional information please explore the website or email us personally at or

Supreme Sports Performance & Training, Inc.
12054 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD 20852-1802
301-231-SSPT (7778)

Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday: 6AM - 9PM
Saturday: 8AM - 4PM
Sunday: CLOSED

100% RAW Proposes 2 Nats'
by Woody "3Speed" Leonard

I spoke with Paul today about the Nationals. He asked me to post this.

The Full Power Nationals this year will be split. There will be a West Nationals (Regional?) and an Eastern National (Regional?). The West National will be in Arizona - no other info at this time.
Paul is considering holding the Eastern Nationals in Maryland in conjunction with the Single Lift Nationals. He has a been offered a large venue that would provide separate areas for the 2 events.

Here is a question for those of you who would be competing in the Nationals: The proposed date for Eastern Nationals is June 20. Father's day is June 21. Would that be a problem for any of you? The 4th of July is just 2 weeks later so if the meet is moved back a week, it will fall very close to the 4th.

To read more and see comments;
click HERE

Unofficial-USAPL Best of 2008
by Brad Madvig

I present to you.. Voted by the USAPL membership

"THE BEST OF 2008"

Being best of does mean different things to different people. To some its the sheer tonnage of weight you lift. Some its the dedication you give to the sport, some its all that and much more. We have an interesting cast of folks here covering all corners of lifting. Without further delay.. The Best of 2008 on the Original USA Powerlifting Forum















To read more and see comments; click HERE

USAPL Women's Nationals

Robert Keller (Meet Director) has added additional updates: click HERE

The USAPL Women's National Committee Meeting will take place on Saturday evening, February 14, 2009, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. The location will be the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Miami.

2008 USAPL Membership
by Larry Maile

This year, USAPL finished with 3897 members, up from 3588 last year. There were 94 pending memberships in addition (couldn't read the card, card returned to us, etc.). That takes us to right about 4000. Thank you all and congratulations for making us the best powerlifting federation in the country.

If you are one of those who paid and didn't receive your card, please contact the national office:

Source; Original-Unofficial USAPL Forum

NOW!!! on the net!
by Cathy Markensteiner

It is my pleasure, as Joe's biggest cheerleader, to share with the powerlifting world some great news---the launch of Joe Marksteiner's powerlifting score program web site Next Lifter

Welcome to, my online contribution to Powerlifting. Over the last 30 years, I’ve been a lifter, ref and coach and I’ve put together this set of tools to help you run your Powerlifting contests. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, all you need is a laptop, a printer, and a projector to run meets better, faster, and more accurately. The scoring program started as a simple Excel spreadsheet with a barload graphic has grown to a full blown suite of programs and tools to help you run PL contests from local level to world championships – and it’s all free.

Good luck and good lifting.

Joe Marksteiner

Source; Original-Unofficial USAPL Forum

Team Ivanko Wins 2008 PW Fantasy Season
Powerlifting Watch

The 2008 Fantasy Powerlifting Season has ended. Tim Anderson's TeamIvanko has won the competition with 1,905 points. Jon Rock's Super purple monkey dishwasher squeezed out second place, scoring 1,610 points. Roanoke Barbell's Team RBC finished just 10 points back in third position.

Source; Powerlifting Watch

PW 2009 Fantasy Season Opens
Powerlifting Watch

The 2009 Fantasy Season kicks off this weekend (January 17-18). Included in the weekend's meets is the IPA LexenXtreme Pro-Am. This could be the first meet of the year where you can earn your team points. You can begin assembling your 2009 teams immediately. Remember to have it set by 10 pm tonight for the coming weekend.

Source; Powerlifting Watch

Friday, January 02, 2009

The Maryland Powerlifting Report 1/6/09

IPF Anti Doping-Q & A
Robert Wilks, IPF Anti-Doping Commission


IPF Tested Lifters 2008- 12/24/08

USAPL-Best of 2008
From Brad Madvig

Click here to vote for the Best of 2008. Brad Madivg will announce the winners on January 9, 2009.

2008 All-American & All-World Powerlifting Teams
from Powerlifting Watch

Powerlifting Watch has assembled first and second team All-American and All-World Powerlifting Teams for 2008. The criteria used to put the teams together were based on top lifter totals from 2008 which were then evaluated on:

• The totals themselves.
• The level of the meet in which they were achieved.
• Head to head competition.

A lifter can only appear in one weight class per equipment type. No Raw All-World team was named due to a lack of coverage in 2008. That team will debut in 2009.

Here are the teams:

1st Team Multi Ply All-Americans
2nd Team Multi Ply All-Americans

1st Team Multi Ply All-Worlds
2nd Team Multi Ply All-Worlds

1st Team Single Ply All-Americans
2nd Team Single Ply All-Americans

1st Team Single Ply All-Worlds
2nd Team Single Ply All-Worlds

1st Team Raw All-Americans
2nd Team Raw All-Americans

Powerlifting Watch Announces 3rd Annual Award Recepiants

2008 Powerlifting Awards:

• Powerlifting Performance of the Year - Yevgen Yarymbash's 2,799 Total @ 275
• Story of the Year - Donnie Thompson's Retirement
• Male Powerlifter of the Year - Shawn Frankl
• Female Powerlifter of the Year - Priscilla Ribic
• Male Bencher of the Year - Marcus Hirvonen
• Female Bencher of the Year - Becca Swanson

• Squat Moment of the Year - Vladislav Alhazov's 1,250
• Bench Press Moment of the Year - Ryan Kennelly's 1,075 @ 308
• Deadlift Moment of the Year - Andrey Belyaev's 826 @ 198

• Top Powerlifting Country - Russia
• Top Powerlifting Gym/Team - Lexen Xtreme

• Male Equipped Powerlifter of the Year - Shawn Frankl
• Male Raw Powerlifter of the Year - Ryan Celli

• Female Equipped Powerlifter of the Year - Priscilla Ribic
• Female Raw Powerlifter of the Year - Ellen Stein

• Male Equipped Bencher of the Year - Marcus Hirvonen
• Male Raw Bencher of the Year - Dmitry Kasatov

• Female Equipped Bencher of the Year - Becca Swanson
• Female Raw Bencher of the Year - Michelle Borzok

2008 Forum & Website Awards:

• Best Powerlifting Forum - Powerlifting Russia
• Best Training Information Website - Elite FTS
• Best Community Forum - Fortified Iron
• Most Entertaining Forum - Outlaws
• Best Federation Forum - APA
• Best Gym Forum - Super Training Gym
• Best Powerlifter Forum - Andy Bolton

From At Large Nutrition
by Daniel Clough & Chris Mason (At Large Nutrition)

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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Maryland Powerlifting Report 12/23/08

IOC; No Recognition for the IPF:

In a letter dated December 19, Detlev Albrings (President-IPF) announced the decision made by the IOC concerning extending recognition to the IPF.


Dear Mr Albrings,

We would like to inform you that, at its last meeting held in Lausanne, 10-12 December 2008, the IOC Executive Board decided not to grant recognition to the International Powerlifting Federation. The Executive Board recognised that most of the criteria were in line with requirements, but it was also noted that the IOC has a policy of zero tolerance in respect to the fight against doping.

Read the entire announcement here.

3rd Annual Powerlifting Watch Powerlifting Awards:
by Staff

With many great performances in the books, the 2008 year in powerlifting is drawing to a close. It's time once again to recognize the sport's top accomplishments. Please take a few minutes to vote for your favorite powerlifting accomplishments of the year in the 3rd Annual Powerlifting Watch Powerlifting Awards. Here are the categories:

Click here to see nominated catgories and vote.

3rd Annual Powerlifting Watch Forum & Website Awards:
by Staff

Please take a moment to vote for your favorite powerlifting forums, websites, and online resources of 2008 in the 3rd Annual Powerlifting Watch Powerlifting Forum & Website Awards.

Click here to see nominated websites and vote.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Maryland Powerlifting Report 12/18/08


December 6-7, 2008- AAU World Single Lift Championships (Laughlin, NV); RESULTS

December 12-14, 2008- USAPL American Open & Police/Fire Nationals; RESULTS

From APT:

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Maryland Powerlifting Report 12/11/08


November 22-23- 2008 IPA Senior National Powerlifting Championships (York, Pa); RESULTS

December 7- ADAU Coal Country Classic (Bigler, PA)- RESULTS

Meet Information:

USAPL American Open
December 12-14, 2008
St. Louis, MO
Harold Gaines (Meet Director)



Monday, December 08, 2008

The Maryland Powerlifting Report 12/9/08


December 6, 2008- 2008 USAPL Virginia State Pl/BP/DL/Ironman (Stanardsville, VA); RESULTS

Meet Information:

100% RAW Christmas Classic
December 13, 2008
Stanardsville, VA
John Shifflett (Meet Director)


Note; the meet director is accepting late entries for those wishing to lift in the Christmas Classic.

Captain Kirk to the USPF HOF?

Kirk Karwoski has been nominated to be inducted into the USPF Hall of Fame.

The class of 2009 is a crowded field of powerlifting notables that includes; Mary Jeffrey, Vicki Steenrod, Ruthi Shaffer, Anne Levrette, Jill Mills, Ed Coan, Chuck Dunbar, Ausby Alexander, Vince Anello, Gene Bell, Larry Pacifico and Mike Bridges.

Kirk's powerlifting successes include 7 straight National Championships and 6 World Championships. During this span of time, "he increased the World Record in the squat by 100lbs from 903lbs to 1003lbs and increased the Total record from 2204 to 2309lbs." (quote from Critical Bench interview)

On December 9, 2004, after an eight year absence, Kirk totaled 2066 in the AAU world Championship held in Laughlin, NV, wearing only a lifting belt. Marty Gallagher wrote the following account;

On December 9th, 2004 I assisted Kirk Karowski when he totaled 2066 in the three power lifts wearing nothing but a lifting belt. It was a retro-throwback powerlift festival staring Captain Kirk Karwoski in his first public lifting appearance in eight years. Physically he has never looked better: he lifted in the 242-pound class and was shredded and ripped. Through a combination of muscle maturity and low body fat, his arms and legs rippled and roiled with every step. Like a lifting Ulysses, Kirk had been away from powerlifting for nearly a decade and everything changed in the interim. At this competition, the AAU world championship held in Laughlin, Nevada, Kirk went backwards in time and rather than gear up' decided to gear down.' He made eight out of nine lifts and started things off with a squat exhibition. In staggering succession he made 749, 804 and finally an explosive 826-pound effort. He wore a loose tee shirt and a wrestling singlet. Kirk experienced a severe thigh pull on his final squat with 826. On the previous 804 he barely averted a total wipeout. He lost concentration and tension on the descent for a split-second and his lapse caused him to be pushed downward past his normal turnaround point. He caught himself and through sheer willpower and guts pushed 804 to completion. His post-lift analysis was that he had set up' with his feet slightly narrow. This gut-buster lift took a lot out of him and the selection of 826-pounds was conservative. Had the 804 gone the way it should, 840 would have been the realistic 3rd attempt. The 826 actually went a whole lot better than 804. As Chuck Deluxe would say using another of his endless football analogies, Kirk jus needed to get the snot knocked out of him to clear his head.

Karwoski took the 826 down quickly and exploded it upward from 3-inches below parallel to ¾'s erect when his vastus internus on his right thigh tore. He actually heard a noise. He recalled that, I heard it {the thigh muscle} go pop' but I was through the sticking point and I was not going to lose this weight after getting past the hard part. This lift was a thing of beauty; pure athletic poetry in motion, 8-and-a-quarter squatted deep and explosive by a guy weighing 240 and wearing a lifting belt and nothing else. This was as fine a lift as I'd ever witnessed by anyone anywhere. In the bench press Kirk made an explosive 446 opener and a fine 463 second before experiencing his only miss of the entire competition: a 479 3rd attempt bench press. He had trained hurt. I had been nursing a torn rotator cuff for the last ten weeks. It was a work-related injury, nothing to do with training and before injuring it I had bench pressed 500 with a pause without a shirt. Kirk said. I had hoped for a double body weight 480-pound bench press. This was not to be. The deadlift would be touch and go on account of the thigh injury. He decided to dramatically curtail the number of deadlift warm-ups. Julie Scanlon and myself, his handlers, applied ice to the injury but it would be anyone's guess if he would be able to deadlift effectively. He felt confident of being able to pull 705 regardless how bad the leg hurt. The competition was dragging on and on and on and fatigue was becoming a real factor. His opening 705 deadlift felt better than his final warm-up. His second attempt with 749 felt better than 705. The thigh injury would not a factor but fatigue might be his undoing. Kirk took his first squat at 10 am and pulled his final successful deadlift, 771-pounds, at 7pm, a full nine hours later.

IPF News:

Tested Lifters- UPDATE 12/7/08

Friday, December 05, 2008

The Maryland Powerlifting Report 12/6/08


November 22-23, 2008- 100% RAW World Bench Press Championships (Norfolk, VA); RESULTS

Meet Information:

Fit Expo
January 24-25, 2009
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA
Fit Expo

USPF American Cup

Roster-Updated (12/5/08)

123 Open Women
Suzanne Hedman, confirmed

132 Open Women
Alison Barnhill, confirmed
Morgan Hefley, confirmed

148 Open Women
Kimberly Walford, confirmed
Leonetta Richardson, confirmed
Monica Di Giuro , confirmed

165 Open Women
Liisa Caminita, confirmed
Cara Westin, confirmed

181 Open Women
Nicolai Stern, confirmed
Rolanda Dixon

198 Open Women
Janet Loveall, confirmed

148 Open Men
Darren Matsumoto, confirmed
Scott Layman, confirmed
Daniel Sorenson, confirmed

181 Open Men
Edward Kinsey, confirmed
Bob Benedix, confirmed
David Jurgens, confirmed
Craig Saewong, confirmed

198 Open Men
John Pena, confirmed
Ed Koo, confirmed
Josh Stottlemire, confirmed
Greg Buffington, confirmed

220 Open Men
Brandon Cass, confirmed
Michael Laney, confirmed
Anthony Letto, confirmed

242 Open Men
Brandon Cass, confirmed
Jeff Douglas, confirmed
Antonio Didomenica

275 Open Men
Charles Bailey, confirmed
Alan Best, confirmed
Justin Ransbottom, confirmed

308 Open Men
Scott Cartwright, confirmed
Dan Harrison, confirmed

308+ SHW Open Men
Lance Karabel, confirmed
Sigfús Fossdal (Iceland), confirmed
Thad Coleman, confirmed

IPF News:

Suspended Lifters and Officials- Updated; 12/5/08

Anti Doping- by Detlev Albrings

According to our IPF-Anti-Doping rules 14.2 all member nations must send their National Doping reports to the IPF President at latest 31st March.

"14.2 Statistical Reporting

National Federations shall report to the IPF President not later than 31st of March each year results of all Doping Controls within their jurisdiction during the previous year.
The report must give the total number of Doping Controls together with the number of positive and/or negative test results, and whether the tests were conducted In-Competitions or Out-of-Competitions, and the name of the WADA approved laboratory in which the samples were analysed. Annual reports are required even if no positive test results were found to exist among the test results during the year from which the report shall be provided.
A failure to report such results by 31st of March disqualifies offending National Federations from scoring team points at all International Events during that year."

So I want to ask you to send me your reports for 2008 in time.

Thank you very much for your support and I wish you all a happy, successful and healthy New Year.

The Coach’s Tool Kit, elaborated by WADA in collaboration with a Working Group made up of various stakeholder representatives, contains a ready-to-deliver doping prevention workshop for elite coaches. The modular format of the workshop offers a core 3-hour training program that can be extended up to a full day with the inclusion of ‘à la carte’ optional modules.

The workshop is designed so that most of its content is delivered interactively, through scenario analyses, problem-solving and small group discussions. Workshop participants will hone their awareness of an elite coach’s roles and responsibilities with respect to doping-free sport; increase their knowledge of applicable regulations and of issues relevant to their context and athletes; and benefit from useful reference materials for doping-prevention.

The Tool Kit provides all the necessary tools to stage the workshop, from its promotion to its evaluation, including an Organizer Guide, Facilitator Guidelines, a slide presentation with speaking notes, audiovisual material, a Participant Workbook as well as numerous reference documents and practical handouts.

Click here to view handouts and read more.

From At Large Nutrition-Why is Nitrean so popular?
by Chris Mason (AtLargeNutrition)

Why is it superior to any whey-only protein supplement?

Nitrean’s advantage lies in its unique blend of proteins. Nitrean utilizes a protein matrix consisting of 3 fractions of whey of which isolate is the primary (and also the most prevalent form of protein in the product), casein, and egg albumin. These proteins are combined in specific ratios to ensure optimum amino acid delivery over a prolonged period of time which results in a superior net retention.

The bottom line is that Nitrean’s protein blend provides for superior net retention. It might sound strange for us to say the following statement: You can literally use less Nitrean than the competition and get BETTER results!

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