Friday, December 05, 2008

The Maryland Powerlifting Report 12/6/08


November 22-23, 2008- 100% RAW World Bench Press Championships (Norfolk, VA); RESULTS

Meet Information:

Fit Expo
January 24-25, 2009
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA
Fit Expo

USPF American Cup

Roster-Updated (12/5/08)

123 Open Women
Suzanne Hedman, confirmed

132 Open Women
Alison Barnhill, confirmed
Morgan Hefley, confirmed

148 Open Women
Kimberly Walford, confirmed
Leonetta Richardson, confirmed
Monica Di Giuro , confirmed

165 Open Women
Liisa Caminita, confirmed
Cara Westin, confirmed

181 Open Women
Nicolai Stern, confirmed
Rolanda Dixon

198 Open Women
Janet Loveall, confirmed

148 Open Men
Darren Matsumoto, confirmed
Scott Layman, confirmed
Daniel Sorenson, confirmed

181 Open Men
Edward Kinsey, confirmed
Bob Benedix, confirmed
David Jurgens, confirmed
Craig Saewong, confirmed

198 Open Men
John Pena, confirmed
Ed Koo, confirmed
Josh Stottlemire, confirmed
Greg Buffington, confirmed

220 Open Men
Brandon Cass, confirmed
Michael Laney, confirmed
Anthony Letto, confirmed

242 Open Men
Brandon Cass, confirmed
Jeff Douglas, confirmed
Antonio Didomenica

275 Open Men
Charles Bailey, confirmed
Alan Best, confirmed
Justin Ransbottom, confirmed

308 Open Men
Scott Cartwright, confirmed
Dan Harrison, confirmed

308+ SHW Open Men
Lance Karabel, confirmed
Sigfús Fossdal (Iceland), confirmed
Thad Coleman, confirmed

IPF News:

Suspended Lifters and Officials- Updated; 12/5/08

Anti Doping- by Detlev Albrings

According to our IPF-Anti-Doping rules 14.2 all member nations must send their National Doping reports to the IPF President at latest 31st March.

"14.2 Statistical Reporting

National Federations shall report to the IPF President not later than 31st of March each year results of all Doping Controls within their jurisdiction during the previous year.
The report must give the total number of Doping Controls together with the number of positive and/or negative test results, and whether the tests were conducted In-Competitions or Out-of-Competitions, and the name of the WADA approved laboratory in which the samples were analysed. Annual reports are required even if no positive test results were found to exist among the test results during the year from which the report shall be provided.
A failure to report such results by 31st of March disqualifies offending National Federations from scoring team points at all International Events during that year."

So I want to ask you to send me your reports for 2008 in time.

Thank you very much for your support and I wish you all a happy, successful and healthy New Year.

The Coach’s Tool Kit, elaborated by WADA in collaboration with a Working Group made up of various stakeholder representatives, contains a ready-to-deliver doping prevention workshop for elite coaches. The modular format of the workshop offers a core 3-hour training program that can be extended up to a full day with the inclusion of ‘à la carte’ optional modules.

The workshop is designed so that most of its content is delivered interactively, through scenario analyses, problem-solving and small group discussions. Workshop participants will hone their awareness of an elite coach’s roles and responsibilities with respect to doping-free sport; increase their knowledge of applicable regulations and of issues relevant to their context and athletes; and benefit from useful reference materials for doping-prevention.

The Tool Kit provides all the necessary tools to stage the workshop, from its promotion to its evaluation, including an Organizer Guide, Facilitator Guidelines, a slide presentation with speaking notes, audiovisual material, a Participant Workbook as well as numerous reference documents and practical handouts.

Click here to view handouts and read more.

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