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The Maryland Powerlifting Report 1/6/09

IPF Anti Doping-Q & A
Robert Wilks, IPF Anti-Doping Commission


IPF Tested Lifters 2008- 12/24/08

USAPL-Best of 2008
From Brad Madvig

Click here to vote for the Best of 2008. Brad Madivg will announce the winners on January 9, 2009.

2008 All-American & All-World Powerlifting Teams
from Powerlifting Watch

Powerlifting Watch has assembled first and second team All-American and All-World Powerlifting Teams for 2008. The criteria used to put the teams together were based on top lifter totals from 2008 which were then evaluated on:

• The totals themselves.
• The level of the meet in which they were achieved.
• Head to head competition.

A lifter can only appear in one weight class per equipment type. No Raw All-World team was named due to a lack of coverage in 2008. That team will debut in 2009.

Here are the teams:

1st Team Multi Ply All-Americans
2nd Team Multi Ply All-Americans

1st Team Multi Ply All-Worlds
2nd Team Multi Ply All-Worlds

1st Team Single Ply All-Americans
2nd Team Single Ply All-Americans

1st Team Single Ply All-Worlds
2nd Team Single Ply All-Worlds

1st Team Raw All-Americans
2nd Team Raw All-Americans

Powerlifting Watch Announces 3rd Annual Award Recepiants

2008 Powerlifting Awards:

• Powerlifting Performance of the Year - Yevgen Yarymbash's 2,799 Total @ 275
• Story of the Year - Donnie Thompson's Retirement
• Male Powerlifter of the Year - Shawn Frankl
• Female Powerlifter of the Year - Priscilla Ribic
• Male Bencher of the Year - Marcus Hirvonen
• Female Bencher of the Year - Becca Swanson

• Squat Moment of the Year - Vladislav Alhazov's 1,250
• Bench Press Moment of the Year - Ryan Kennelly's 1,075 @ 308
• Deadlift Moment of the Year - Andrey Belyaev's 826 @ 198

• Top Powerlifting Country - Russia
• Top Powerlifting Gym/Team - Lexen Xtreme

• Male Equipped Powerlifter of the Year - Shawn Frankl
• Male Raw Powerlifter of the Year - Ryan Celli

• Female Equipped Powerlifter of the Year - Priscilla Ribic
• Female Raw Powerlifter of the Year - Ellen Stein

• Male Equipped Bencher of the Year - Marcus Hirvonen
• Male Raw Bencher of the Year - Dmitry Kasatov

• Female Equipped Bencher of the Year - Becca Swanson
• Female Raw Bencher of the Year - Michelle Borzok

2008 Forum & Website Awards:

• Best Powerlifting Forum - Powerlifting Russia
• Best Training Information Website - Elite FTS
• Best Community Forum - Fortified Iron
• Most Entertaining Forum - Outlaws
• Best Federation Forum - APA
• Best Gym Forum - Super Training Gym
• Best Powerlifter Forum - Andy Bolton

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